Jamarqui Xoomoon (Harry)

Uncle Harry was the sweetest chap, he was so gentle and very sensitive, he was shown very successfully as a puppy but he soon grew to dislike the show ring, so he retired at the tender age of 3 years.  

He developed a fear of the open spaces and fields around our property choosing to stay close to his kennel and the house, we respected that in him, although he was always invited to join us, he couldn't bring himself to do so

He had a few scary moments, when he had GDV, Callaghan was the alarm on that occasion, alerting us to the danger which enabled us to get Harry to the vet very quickly, Callaghan saved his life.   He then developed adhesions on his liver that saw him be in the vet hospital for some weeks getting better and having liver surgery.  He came through that and became fit and very healthy.

December 2009, he lost the battle of a blood infection and he went to meet Callaghan and his mum, one week after we lost our lovely baby Lanagahan.  2009 was a bitter sweet year.  

We miss Uncle Harry very much, he was so beautiful inside and out.

  © Alma Abrahams