Jamarqui Ace

Ace was very much his dads boy, he had the sweet gentle sunny nature of both his parents, a fun loving dog who enjoyed showing off.  Loved everyone he met. 

Standing at 33" He had a lovely masculine head, powerful jaw, full scissor bite dentation, visible veining with dark pigment.  He was extremely well balanced, correct feet and angles, good fore-chest with plenty of depth and spring of rib. His loin was long and strong  he covered the ground with purpose, grace, drive and reach.

Ace is from a long line of English champions, going back to the wonderful Multi Champion Stonebar Sebastian, he is typical of the old english type, well boned and long cast, showing the quality and substance of the old blood.

He has left a very big hole in our life, it is hard when one is taken so suddenly, with no warning, for them it is better for us the heart break is a little bit harder to bare.  He was loved and admired by so many, he was a true gentleman and wonderful ambassador for the breed.

Goodnight my sweet Prince, play over the bridge with your mum, dad, Uncle Harry and your grandma….until we meet again, I miss you xxx

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  © Alma Abrahams