News 2018


 We are delighted to announce that Thumper has qualified TWICE  for the Arena Festivals competiting at Hicksted, I am delighted with him, we are now chasing points for the Nationals.  We have mated Angel to Sunny so fingers crossed puppies will be born mid July 


 We are still waiting for Angel to come into season, she is now 3 weeks over due, but that is ok it will happen when it happens.  WELKS was not a great show for us, it was pouring down and very cold, although Morrissey gained 2nd in PG qualifying him for Crufts 2019.  (Angel qualifed at Crufts this year) Sunny took ill during judging of his class and I felt I had no other option but to withdraw him from competition.  He had picked up a bug, he was soon as right as rain within a couple of days.


Started well with Rayzan Firebird winning Minor Puppy Bitch at Manchester Championship show, behind her stood her sister Fraya and half sister Winnie.    Ryzana Firestorme won Minor Puppy Dog.  I  am so proud of these babies, there breeders  have done an  amazing job  

  © Alma Abrahams