News 2016


We welcomed to Jamarqui, our lovely little girl Summer  She is an amazing addition to our family and with her comes a host of new friends. We have been busy with house repairs and garden work.  

Dante has a new change of Jockey, we had a great time competing at Windsor and we were lucky to qualify for PUK, HOYS and a couple of other local championships, unfortunately change of jockey lost us our entry.  We have a lovely new jockey for him who rides him so beautifully so next season will be exciting.

We are slowly preparing for our move to New Zealand. We are just going through the process so hopefully we will be accepted and we can begin a new chapter in our life.


It is with incredible sadness and shattered heart that I said goodbye to my most very special girl, Trinity. She was one of the most loving, calm, gentle beautiful souls you could ever met, she loved everyone she met. You could not help but fall in love with her melted chocolate gaze. She suffered for 6 years with lupus, which she bourn with grace and tolerance. She became tired a week or so ago, she hung on but Friday proved to be difficult for her, Saturday she started to close down, Saturday night I stayed up with her all night, cuddling her, my wonderful vet called in this morning to help ease her on her way, with elegance, she slipped away peacefully graceful. She was a soul mate, I just simply Loved her. I will forever miss her. (06.05.06 - 28.08.16)

We have a new Champion 

champion sunny

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