News 2015


Sorry our updates have been sparse, a lot of things have happened since my last report, we had the little of puppies, that have become amazing creatures, they are one of the most forward, confident, easy going laid back puppies I have ever come across, down side, they have bladders of an elephant and refuse to go out in the rain to empty them …. Not nice …. 

Competitions have been very successful Results Page not just with the dogs but also with Dante the pony. 

So with the dog shows and pony shows life has been hectic here at Jamarqui.  

Sunny has won another RDCC under another breed specialist, he is an amazing dog that has become very close buddies with Hendrix, all big boys are in together and get on brilliantly, Logan has become a puppy again, and seems to enjoy living in the bachelor  house, the girls are languishing in their chick pad and seem very contented, 

Fleur loves seeing and playing with the puppies but soon wants out, to go and play with the adults, She has been an amazing mother, she has had the right amount of love and sternness that has produce this amazing litter, they also carry their fathers gentleness and love, their maternal and paternal grandmothers happy outlook on life and the love of human contact.  The also have their paternal grandmothers intelligence .. Not a good combo with a borzoi puppy …. That leads to a lot of mischief !!!!




Delighted to report that Sunny has been awarded his first RDCC and his Stud Book Number (awaiting KC approval) many thanks to Jenny Dove, we are over the moon that our lovely boy has been appreciated by such a well respected judge.  Hendrix was placed adult Hound Group 3 and Hound Puppy Group 2


The news I have been dreaming of and hoping for has arrived, WE ARE HAVING PUPPIES I am over the moon and utterly delighted.  This mating brings to life all the old lines and some of kennels that have  long gone.  I feel very privilege to have the chance to do this and must extend my gratitude to all those kennels that worked so hard to produce healthy borzoi of true type.


We have got off to a flying start this season with the two young boys winning their classes at the biggest dog show in the World, CRUFTS.  Hendrix was very relaxed and calm all day performed brilliantly despite this being his only second show, he was amazing.   Sunny being his usual fruit loop outside the ring, pulled all stops out and showed what a true Show Man he really is and took the green carpet by storm, he was amazing, last year he won his class and again this year, what a boy.

So now to campaign the kids, concentrating on Hendrix along with Sunny for him to gain his confidence and then later with Aiofe to build her confidence up.  I am sure they will be pros by the end of the year.

We may have some exciting news next month

  © Alma Abrahams