Jonah (Jamarqui Alititude)

Jonah is a cheeky little chap, he is an accomplished lock breaker, getting out of his stable at regular intervals, to steal hay when he has eaten all his. He has a stable full of toys to try and keep him occupied!! He is the funniest little horse I have ever come across, he keeps the whole yard laughing at his antics. I am so thrilled to have him.

Jonah had to be re-schooled when he came to live with us, he is now a wonderful ride forward going with a very calm and relaxed attitude to work, trying hard at everything we ask him to do.  He is a very safe and easy ride, never spooking or being head strong.

He has competed successfully in novice dressage and showing, he is also showing a passion for show jumping

  © Alma Abrahams