Jamarqui Amigo  


We imported him from Malaga, in 2007, as a 3 year old, although we were told he was 5, he had been used in the bullring and was injured by the bull, he had a massive gore wound on his thigh. But despite his rough handling as a baby he is the sweetest funniest boy.    He was competed at Advange level dressage gaining points in the mid 70’s unfortunaly luck was not on our side and Daniel was soon retired



At the age of 7 years it was discovered he had a degenerative bone dieases in his sacrum and although not in pain in every day life, he is in immense pain when ridden, so he spends his life demanding attention, and enjpying the easy life in the slow lane.  None the less he is a very important part of the Jamarqui family 

  © Alma Abrahams