Daniel (Jamarqui Amigo)

Daniel was imported from Malaga in February 2007 as a 3 year old. He was originally bred for the bull ring and had indeed been broken in and used to fight bulls, leaving him terrified of any other animals and of being ridden.  He had a deep rooted fear of humans and could not trust, as well as physical and mental scars

Daniel is the clown and escape artist of the yard, finding different "toys" to amuse himself and no doubt the other equines, throwing his treat ball at unsuspecting passers by is a trick he finds most amusing and helpful as he usually gets it back with more treats in it. He is a loveable rouge who has a cheeky sense of humour. He is an absolute dream horse, wonderful in every way.

Daniel is now totally retired due to an unrecoverable condition, he is suffering bone degenerative disease in the sacrum as well as melanoma in the guttural pouch, he lives a happy retirement, making sure everyone is around his little hoof pandering to his every whim

  © Alma Abrahams