Horse Competition Results


Update, (April - July)

Dante and his new jockey Ameila have had a very successful season so far. Started off in January with 8th place in very first dressage test out of 12.

Our showing season has been amazing, winning 4 lead rein classes out of 6, the other two places where both 3rd place, all in very strong classes. Qualifying for the Chiltern and Thames Championships in September.  Once the show season has finished we will be concentrating on dressage.




           Hertfordshire County Show


                     5th M&M RHIS Open Ridden (strong class of 9)

                     4th Section A in hand Showing (stong class of 7)


July 10th

Jonah         Novice Test 37  3rd out of 9

                    Novice Test 39 4th out of 15

July 1st

Jonah          !st Foregin Breed in Hand

                     1st Foregin breed Ridden

May 2012


Dressage Competition   Prelim 7  8th 

                                     Prelim 14  5th

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