12th December   The LKA Championship Show

                         judge Mrs S Pasket Breed Specialist

Hendrix          3rd Minor Puppy Dog

Aiofe             1st Minor Puppy Bitch

6th October   The Borzoi Club Championship Show

                        judge Mr G Hill (Dimland)

SUNNY            1st Special Yearling; Best Yearling in Show

             Winner of the Gabrielle Slater Rescue Memorial Tophey 

                         judge Claire Simmons

FLEUR             3rd Limit Bitch

                      2nd Stakes Class

                      2nd Brace class

20th September Driffield Championship Show

                      judge Mrs A  Hill (Dimland, Breed Specialist)

SUNNY          1st Post Graduate

                    1st Special Yearling

                     Overall winner Special Yearling Stakes, judge,                   

                                                                 Diana Spavin

7th September  Richmond Championship Show

                           judge Mr A W Hill (Azka, Breed Specialist)

SUNNY          1st Post Graduate

29th August  Birmingham City Championship Show

                               judge Mr R Kelsey (Breed Specialist)

SUNNY          2nd Post Graduate

15th August   Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show

                        judge Mrs S Ridge Reeves (Breed Specialist)

SUNNY            1st Post Graduate

FLEUR             2nd Limit Bitch

3rd August   East of England Ladies Kennel Club Open Show

                            Breed Judge  Mrs J Wilson (all rounder)  

SUNNY   1st Junior  Reserve Best of  Breed

             1st AVH Junior, Best AVH in Show.  Judge Mrs W Cross

              Group 2 RBOB Best in Show  judge Anthony Rees

2nd Aug  The Hound Association Championship Show

                               Judge  Mrs Z Rawson 

SUNNY       2nd Junior


6th July   East of England Championship Show

                               Judge  Mrs P Mottershaw  

SUNNY      1st Junior

                    Reserve Best Dog in Breed

21st June   Blackpool Championship Show

                               Judge Lorraine Harvey, (Breed Specialist.  Albaneiler) 

SUNNY          1st Junior

                    Reserve Best Dog in Breed

8th June   East Anglia Hound Open Show

SUNNY          1st Junior

                    1st Springtime Challenge Trophy (21 present)

                    2nd  (4 dogs present) Junior stakes 

                                judge, Mrs Viv Phillips 

6th June   3 Counties Championship Show

                               judge Mr Nigel Dawson

                                                (Breed Specialist, Stubbylee)

SUNNY          1st Junior

                    3rd (18 dogs present) Special Yearling stakes 

                                judge, Mrs Liz Cartilage (Crufts BIS judge)

31st May   Borzoi Club Open Show

                               judge Mrs Yvonne Odell

                                                (Breed Specialist, Sukeshi)

SUNNY          1st Junior

                     Reserve Best Dog & Best Junior in Show

25th April   WELKS Championship Show

                               judge Mrs C Spencer 

                                            (Breed Specialist, Strelkos)

SUNNY          1st Junior

Fleur             3rd Limit Bitch

13th April 2014 LUTON OPEN SHOW

                            Bill Grey (AVNSC)

SUNNY                      1st Junior

                             Simon Luxmore (AVH)

                                 1st Junior

                                 Best in AV HOUND


                               judge Mrs V Phillips (Debucher)

SUNNY                     Best Junior in Show

                               Reserve Best in Show

                               Best Oppisit Sex in Show

7th March 2014   CRUFTS

                               judge Mr R Heap 

                                            (Breed Specialist, Rae)

SUNNY                1st Special Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog in Breed

23rd February   NBA Limit Show

                               judge Miss K Arden (Breed Specialist, Greenhaven)

SUNNY          2nd Junior

Fleur             1st Limit Bitch

16th January   Manchester Championship Show

                               judge Mrs J Peak (All Rounder)

SUNNY              1st Puppy class; Best Dog Puppy in Breed

  © Alma Abrahams