2016  Results

We showed very lightly this year, we concentrated on Horse competition and we had a poorly girl as in Trinity and did not want to leave her.  However we were  successful.

Sunny and Hendrix where entered at Crufts, Hendrix was placed 3rd and Sunny was not placed at all.

Sunny and Morrissey where entered at Southern Counties under breed specialist Jean Clare of Ryzan kennel, Sunny unfortunatly went lame at the show so was withdrawn, Morrissey won his class and qualified for Crufts 2017

Leeds was the next show for Sunny, He was awarded DCC, his third which made him up, by Jenny Dove, breed specialist, she awarded him BOB and he made the cut in the group. I was extremely proud of my boy. 

LKA last show of the year, and under breed specialist, Mrs A Hill,  Sunny, was awarded DCC, his fourth & BOB.  So delighted with him, Morrissey, in his first PG class out of 6 he gaind 3rd place, being the youngest in the class I was delighted with him. He was amazing 

  © Alma Abrahams