Borzoi needing Homes

Adoption Pending 

This is Babs, she was surrendered to us in December 2016, she has had to stay with us this length of time because she has particular special needs and health problems.  She has been a bit battered and brusied resulting in a loss of an eye and an injury to her pelvis that has failed to heal correctly resulting in her ungainly gait.  Non the less she can get about and have a bit of a run.  She has had an operation to repair a liver shunt, the operation was a success, and although has to have medication, which is just a couple of tablets a day, she is relatively healthy, bright and active.  Even though she is what we would class as special needs, she is easy to care for.

Babbs is a very affectionate, loving and happy girl, she does not like being alone and will do well in a home with another very calm borzoi, she is a bit of a girl so will do best in a home with another female.  She will need someone home most of the day.  Due to her injuries she is unable to hold her toilet so will need consent access to outside space so she can go.  She is a strong willed girl but obediant and will obey basic commands.   She is very friendly towards people and other dogs

If you think you have the means to meet Babs’s very special needs please contact me on


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