Jamarqui My Angel

dam Jamarqui Little Fleur x Jamarqui Axesunamooon dob 2nd May 2015

Angel is very like her big sister in looks and has her fathers very bouncy happy out look on life, she is a very shaply girl with a wonderful expression of movement.  

She has the most darkest pigment, beautiful veining, correct sissor bite and full dentition.  Her front assembly is amazing, with a good return of upper arm and pleasing layback of shoulder, she has a excellent depth and spring of rib. Nicely tucked up. good length of strong loin, pleaseing fall away with four correct feet.  

Her temperment is the happiest and sweetest, most loving and loyal of dogs.  She has inherited all the wonderful charactures of her mother, father and grandparents.   We will be campagning her 2017 onwards.  She will be the mother of our final Jamarqui litter,  The ARTIC LITTER

  © Alma Abrahams