Jamarqui Morrissey


dam Jamarqui Little Fleur x Jamarqui Axesunamooon dob 2nd May 2015

Both Morrissey and Angel  have an amazing blood lines, all the old kennels feature strongly in their pedigree, the amazing kennel of Vronsky, Scarborough, Colhugh, Rothesby, Strelkos, Sholwood and Stonebar.  Ch Stonebar Sebastian features 8 times in their line.  This litter is a dream come true for me, it is something I have planned for many years and the puppies have not disappointed.  I am utterly delighted with them as are the new families.   

He is a masculine hound with a good head, the darkest of pigment, beautiful veining, neat well set ears, good length of strong neck, stunning front assembly, excellent depth and spring of rib, well tucked up, grace arch, strong hard musceled loin, of good length, correct tail set, equal angles with powerful graceful movement, covering the ground with purpose

Morrissey will be campagined 2017                                                           


  © Alma Abrahams